Who did what

Who did what:

1. Week (Assignment 4)

  • Brainstroming: All
  • find Webspace and create first website: Sebastian

2. Week (Assignment 5)

  • create questions for the interview: All
  • perform interviews: Siyun, Thor, Kay
  • analysis interviews: Siyun, Thor, Sebastian
  • Ideas how storyboard look like: All
  • create final storyboard: Kay

3. Week (Assignment 6)

  • create paper prototype: Georgi
  • analyse prototype (List of changes): All

4. Week (Assignment 7)

  • create software prototype: Thor, Kay
  • analyse prototype (List of changes): All

5. Week (Assignment 8)

  • perform evaluation: All
  • combine the results of the evaluations: Sebastian

Tasks for us:

  1. rework the low-fidelity prototype to match storyboard
    1. embed the prototype video on the page
  2. create a functional prototype
  3. add requested missing information:
    1. functional requirements as requested ✓
    2. design principles as requested
    3. modifications provided as requested
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