Interview Analysis

• User profile
As our user group is very broad but the focus persona would be a young person in the mid 20's. He or she travels a lot with the subway during the week and also during the weekend when going out on events and parties. He/she enyojs playing a lot of casual games in his/her spare time.

• Interview findings
The Instrument-Symbols must be more clear and more understandable
The preferred time of playing the game is in evenings
Actions in the near could be dangerous, proposed location is for example airport
Some people would be interested in buying a record of the performance
Multiplayer is the most interesting part of this game

• Design modifications
After the analysis of the interview we discussed things like moving the game away from the subway platform (make it less dangerous).

We also discussed having a menu option for allowing/preventing new people from joining the game. This kind of control given to the first player would most likely ruin a lot of probabilities for multiplayer and therefore we will not implement it.

We will try to make the symbols of the menu as understandable as possible, other then that we will not make any major modifications to our design.

It turned out that people want pay for a picture or a recording. At the end we can add this feature.

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