Interview 3

We are designing a public interactive game for people who are waiting for public transportation. This is an anonymous interview for a student project. Would you mind spending a couple of minutes helping us with this interview?


  • The multiplayer aspekt of the game is what is most appealing.
  • People could get annoyed by it since you can't go away fromit when you are waiting for a train.
  • Evenings are the best time for this public game.
  • The meaning of the menu symbols is pretty clear, what they do however is more of a guess.
  • As long as the game is volutary, it seems like a fun thing.
  • The game can be uncomfortable when you play all by yourself and draw a lot of attention.


Profile of interviewee: Female (21 Years)

User Related Questions:

Do you like gaming?

  • Yes!

Do you play casual games while waiting for a train?

  • Yes. On my smartphone. Usually games that are timeboxed. That you know will be finished by the time the train arrives.

How much time daily, approximately, do you spend waiting for a train?

  • 7 min.

Would you like to play public games while you are waiting for public transportation?

  • I would easily do it if I had tried the game before. I would not like to be bad at a game in public (I'm a bad loser). Known games would be easier, for example pong, three in a row.

Is it important in which mood you are? When would you play or not play? (when at morning when you go to work/ school, at evening when you go to friends/ events, at night when you are drunk?)

  • Yes, I would easier play after a beer.
  • Most probably in the evening on my way to an event for example, also in the night after a beer. Least in the morning.

Would you play single- or multiplayer games?

  • Multiplayer. Single player not so much, it would put a lot of focus on just my gameplay in public. It would seem a little bit weird to stand by yourself playing.

Would you play multiplayer games while waiting just with friends? Or also with strangers?

  • I would play with both. Probably I would not play with strangers on my own, but me and my friends could play with some strangers.

Would you feel uncomfortable if a stranger joins a game you're playing?

  • No. It would feel less uncomfortable.

Are you annoyed by loud or strange noise/music at a station?

  • Yes. Because if I would be listening to my own music it would be annoying. If music is playing at the station it would have to be my taste.

Application Related Questions:

When walking by the public display you hear piano sounds and see yourself on the screen. How would you react? Would you stay and play around or would you leave the area?

Image Unavailable
  • I would feel a bit uncomfortable seeing myself on the screen like that. I think I would walk off the screen. If someone else would walk there I would instead observe them.

If you play around and you see these symbols floating around your head on the screen. What is your reaction? What do you think they're for? Guess what each symbol means.

Image Unavailable
  • The symbols look like different instruments. First I thought they may be meaning that I am making music. Or maybe you can switch instrument in some way, or tones.
  • I can see drums, guitar and some brass instrument.
Image Unavailable

Would you go to the station just to play? Why? Why not?

  • That depends on how far it is to the station. Probably I would only play it when actually waiting.

Would you prefer some other location for playing this game except the subway?

  • I think that many people are standing close by this game without having chosen so. That is why a waiting area maybe would be a better place, where people who are annoyed can go away. Maybe in the stairs down to the subway or the end of the platform would be better places, also. There people don't have to stand there if they don't want to.

Would you prefer an other game screen location instead of across the rails? Where in the subway would that be?

  • No I think that location would be fine for the screen, if it has to be on the platform.

What instruments would you choose: drums, guitar, keyboard? Why? Are there any other instruments missing you would like to play?

  • Keyboard, the tones sound softer. No I think the 3 are ok, people know them good. Or maybe you could add a base. I would like play base.

Would you introduce this game to your friends?

  • Yes I would, I would maybe even do a detour to be able to show it.

Would it be embarassing for you to play this game? In what situation? Would you feel uncomfortable when this game is making noise while you are just passing by?

  • //I would be embarassed if I play with people who know how to play instruments for real. Playing on my own would also be a little embarassing. I would find the piano noise I make myself uncomfortable if I had no choice but walking there. //

Would you think that it is dangerous? Would you be afraid to play it or for others people's safety?

  • No, I can't see why it would be dangerous.

Do you think this game would get people in a good mood, or be rather anoying for people?

  • People would get in a better mood!

Would you play the game? How often?

  • Depending on the volume I might be afraid to disturb people, and that is why I wouldn't play. Maybe I would try it once, and if I'm with friends I would probably join a game with them.

Would you like to record your performance on video or photo? Would you pay for this? How much?

  • Maybe photo if I'm playing with friends. I would pay as much as in a photobooth (4€?)
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