Interview 2

Interview 2

We are designing a public interactive game for people who are waiting for public transportation. This is an anonymous interview for a student project. Would you mind spending a couple of minutes helping us with this interview?


  • Young people tend to play games while they are waiting for the public transportation.
  • Young people focus on the game experience rather than performance records.
  • Young people care little about the location or other priorities.
  • The instrument symbols can be more user-friendly.


Profile of interviewee: Male(21 Years)

User Related Questions:

  • Do you like gaming?

Yes, but not so often.

  • Do you play casual games while waiting for a train?


  • How much time daily, approximately, do you spend waiting for a train?

10 min.

  • Would you like to play public games while you are waiting for public transportation?


  • Is it important in which mood you are? When would you play or not play? (when in the morning when you go to work/school, in the evening when you go to friends, at night when you are drunk?)

Yes. Play in the evening or get drunk.

  • Would you play single- or multiplayer games?


  • Would you play multiplayer games while waiting just with friends? Or also with strangers?

It doesn’t matter.

  • Would you feel uncomfortable if a stranger joins a game you’re playing?


  • Are you annoyed by loud or strange noise/music at a station?


Application Related Questions:

  • When walking by the public display you hear piano sounds and see yourself on the screen. How would you react? Would you stay and play around or would you leave the area?
Image Unavailable

Stay and play.

  • If you play around and you see these symbols floating around your head on the screen. What is your reaction? What do you think they’re for? Guess what each symbol means.
Image Unavailable
Image Unavailable

Try to remove them.
Indicate different kinds of sounds.

  • Would you go to the station just to play? Why? Why not?

Yes, interesting.

  • Would you prefer some other location for playing this game except the subway?

No idea.

  • Would you prefer another game screen location instead of across the rails? Where in the subway would that be?

It is good enough.

  • What instruments would you choose? Drums, guitar, keyboard? Why? Are there any other instruments missing you would like to play?

Drums, because I am good at it.

  • Would you introduce this game to your friends?


  • Would it be embarrassing for you to play this game? In what situation? Would you feel uncomfortable when this game is making noise while you are just passing by?


  • Would you think that it is dangerous? Would you be afraid to play it or for others peoples’ safety?

No, I don’t think so.

  • Do you think this game would get people in a good mood, or be rather annoying for people?

A good mood.

  • Would you play the game? How often?

Yes, when boring.

  • Would you like to record your performance on video or photo? Would you pay for this? How much?

No. I have no interest in it.

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