Air BEnd

Air BEnd
After a second brainstorming session our group decided to change the course of the project towards an entertainment public display. The idea would be to have a game on public displays in the subway. There people could kill time waiting for the next train by simply starting to interact with our displays. The idea is to first draw attention to the interactive display in some way and then let the users decide whether they want to play Air Instruments or not. An active user of the game gets an instrument to play and by moving his/her hands creates music. This would make several users able to play the game at the same time, because everyone gets their own instrument. There would be for example drums, guitars and keyboard. Click on the link to the storyboard for a detailed description with pictures.

This video is a demonstration of our "final" prototyp:

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The current name is "Pransment". But it will be change as soon as possible.

Pransment will be a mix of an application for public transport and a game for amusement.
At the public transport part the user can search his route. So he can choose his start Point plus his destination and the application show the best route as well as information about the timetable.
Of course, at the gaming part the user can play a game. If he wait for the bus or the train then he can play to kill time. It would be one of the games from our Mindmap.

Our mindmap:

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